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Fully hosted international communications app.

Tesco wanted to extend the reach of its international calling card, sold to customers throughout its UK stores.

Converting the calling card into a native app was the natural choice, giving their customers both flexibility and convenience.

Tesco chose Wavecrest to build a custom solution on our CREATE app platform.

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The app allows customers to make international calls via local access numbers, WiFi and mobile data at very low rates (from 1p per minute). 

In addition, the app offers incentivised referrals, free SMS worldwide, and even allows users to earn Clubcard points when they add credit.

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The Mobile Airtime Recharge feature is designed to ensure friends and family spread across the globe stay connected. 

With just a couple of taps, users can add credit, mobile data or minutes bundles to their loved ones PAYG mobile phone, anywhere in the world. The service is simple to use and reliable.

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Mar 30 2023

Empowering Retailers to Tap into the Growing Diaspora Market with Wavecrest's App & Web Solutions

As a retailer, catering to the needs of migrant diasporas presents a unique and lucrative opportunity.

CREATE App Platform

The Tesco International Calling App is built and managed by Wavecrest, using our CREATE app platform. The platform includes a white-label communications app and other pre-built components.

The app also integrates with Wavecrest’s CONNECT platform, which delivers global voice, SMS and airtime recharge services with high levels of quality and reliability.

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News & Events

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