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Benefitting from utilising our Managed Voice solution.

Delivering better call quality and lower rates through strong partnerships.

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Talk360 is an international calling app for making affordable local or international calls to any landline or mobile phone in the world. 

Talk360 supports a large array of top-up methods, via local currencies and most alternative payment methods.

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To ensure Talk360 users can always enjoy the best quality and the most affordable call rates, Talk360 has several partner suppliers, with Wavecrest being one of the largest.

  • Talk360 strives to offer affordable international call rates to its users.

  • As a paid service, maintaining call quality is paramount for Talk360.

  • By leveraging our Managed Voice solution, Talk360 has been able to access global voice interconnectivity, combining quality and reliability, with highly competitive rates.

  • Our highly experienced traffic management and routing teams, and a 24/7 International Network Operations Centre (INOC), also provide safeguards to uphold stringent quality benchmarks.

  • And in the background, our fraud management capabilities ensure Talk360’s traffic is protected.

Talk360 now relies on Wavecrest for some of its key traffic corridors, including India, Zimbabwe, the UK, the US, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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