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Drive customer engagement and reduce your messaging costs.

Ensure vital information arrives fast! With Wavecrest, you can grow your A2P SMS business with confidence.

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We have been delivering SMS authentication, service messages and marketing communications since 2012, when we developed and launched the Tesco International Calling app.

Our fully hosted SMS A2P service provides businesses with a powerful communication tool that enables you to send business-critical OTP codes, notifications, and marketing messages directly to your customers' mobile devices. 

With our service, businesses can improve their customer engagement, increase reach, and drive more sales and revenue.

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You will also benefit from our 24x7, dedicated fraud team who will monitor and protect your traffic, ensuring that any anomalies are detected, highlighted, and blocked, if necessary. 

Take advantage of the experience we have gained with our own hosted apps, and our knowledge of the types of fraud that can impact your business.

Why Wavecrest

Wide Global Coverage

Reach customers in more than 185 countries with our partnerships with over 100 mobile networks and hubs.

Transparent Pricing

Enjoy fair and clear pricing without worrying about setup or subscription fees. Pay only for the messages you send.

Free Support

Need help or have questions? Get in touch with a real person anytime. Our support is included for free with all services.

Intelligent Routing

Your messages will be delivered quickly using our smart routing algorithms that determine the fastest delivery or rerouting channels.

Comprehensive Analytics

Track your message performance on our online dashboard, including campaign history, delivery reports, and more.

SMS Campaign Tools

You will soon be able to run targeted campaigns with message preview, templates, scheduling, unsubscribe links, and CRM integration.

Scalable Platform

Rely on our easy-to-integrate, enterprise-grade API to handle any volume of messages as your company grows.

Tailored Solution

Consolidate your SMS messaging with our bespoke approach for maximum efficiency.

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Apr 25 2023

Combating the Evolving Landscape of SMS Fraud: The Importance of Data Analytics and a Dedicated Human Touch

This article will discuss the importance of data analytics and the added value of a dedicated human fraud management team in effectively combating the evolving landscape of SMS fraud.

News and Events

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Apr 3 2023

Wavecrest Announces Direct Mobile Airtime Transfer Interconnect with Ethio Telecom

Wavecrest announced the addition of a direct Mobile Airtime Transfer (MAT) interconnection with Ethio Telecom. This new development builds on the success of the existing direct voice interconnection announced with Ethio Telecom in April 2022.

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Apr 5 2023

Creating Excellence in Customer Service

Is Customer Service a thing of the past? At Wavecrest we don’t think so, in fact we believe Customer Service is alive and kicking. Click to find out more

ITW Africa


May 9 2023

ITW Africa

12 September - 14 September

Nairobi Kenya

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