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CREATE App Platform

Incremental revenue streams through solutions to support migrant diaspora consumers and communities.

Apps can be complex, take time to build, and provide headaches for ongoing management. 

Our CREATE app platform takes the pain away.

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We deliver apps tailored to our clients’ needs and get them to market fast. We’ve been doing this for a while and are trusted by some big names, so we’d like to think we’ve earned the right to say we’re pretty good at it.

We’ve been in the international calling space for over two decades. During that time we’ve kept friends and family connected, all over the globe. 

The apps we create for our clients are focused on serving these consumers, not just to make calls, but to keep people connected and support loved ones back home or in another part of the world.

Our Platform

Our platform allows us to offer apps supporting a range of capabilities:

Low Cost International Calling Worldwide

Free calls are often not possible or preferable

Global Airtime Recharge

Ensuring friends and family stay connected

Digital Transfer

Sending a voucher, paying a bill or for a service

Money Remittance

Sharing and supporting loved ones when they’re far away

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These services are also underpinned with key features to create a stronger value proposition and customer experience, including:

  • Global payment solutions appropriate for local and regional markets and preferences
  • Incentivised referral mechanisms to help your app to grow faster through its customer base
  • Loyalty schemes to reward valued customers
  • Customer engagement solutions to communicate with and delight your base
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Mar 30 2023

Empowering Retailers to Tap into the Growing Diaspora Market with Wavecrest's App & Web Solutions

As a retailer, catering to the needs of migrant diasporas presents a unique and lucrative opportunity.

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Not thought about the value an app brings?

Benefits for brand owners...

  • Value added proposition with broad appeal to consumers with friends and family in other countries
  • New, ongoing revenue streams
  • Increased brand equity
  • Additional digital communications channel to reach customers
  • Fully digital product – no physical distribution required

Why Partner with Wavecrest?

There are many reasons! Here are a few…

  • Our complete end-to-end approach makes us the ideal outsource solution partner
  • We can manage everything – from app development to customer service and support
  • Little or no technical or operational overheads
  • Low risk and rapid time-to-market

We can deliver a fully managed, hosted app that you can launch in just a few weeks. We can also work with clients on completely customised solutions and projects.

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