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In My Shoes

About the charity

In My Shoes was set up in 2019 after Ciarán McHugh, Kevin Grant and Geoff Lockwood visited the Khayelitsha township in Cape Town, home to 2.4m people.  In My Shoes ran two pilot appeals which resulted in 15,000 pairs of well loved and used sports shoes being donated in Ireland. The shoes still had plenty of life left in them.  

They were then shipped by their shipping partner UPS to less fortunate kids in townships across Africa.

Shoes v2

Why Shoes?

A pair of shoes is often the difference between a hopeful or bleak future.  

Because shoes are more than something that keeps your feet safe and warm.   

Like most countries, you need shoes to go to school in South Africa. Along with shoes being part of the school uniform, they also allow learners safety and provide a sense of self-esteem and dignity.

Shoes are often the most difficult item to get in materially poor communities. 

Their work

Today the charity is striving to ensure they can collect as many donations of no longer needed, but in good condition, sports shoes from all over Ireland and the UK. 

With the help of their corporate partners, they ship thousands of shoes to countries within Africa, where they are distributed to some of the most deserving kids in the townships. 

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