Creating Excellence in Customer Service

By Paul Flanagan Head of Customer Service Wavecrest


Is Customer Service a thing of the past? At Wavecrest we don’t think so, in fact we believe Customer Service is alive and kicking. We make Customer Service simple, by having the right people in the right place to support you and your customers, with no obstacles, and no difficult-to-navigate support options.

We deliver the right support to our customer’s the first time, and bring back the value that great Customer Service delivers.

That’s easy to say, however at Wavecrest this culture is intertwined into all activities. Customer first on every exchange, means putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Put simply, Wavecrest does awesome Customer Service!

If that sounds interesting, keep reading and learn it a little more about how we do it.

Understanding the Customer

As an international communications provider we have a diverse customer consumer base. Every customer is unique, and we make sure every customer gets a unique experience. There is not a one size fits all for Customer Service.

Whether it’s offering a helping-hand level of support, or just getting an issue resolved, we understand the importance of getting things done quickly and done right. How do we understand? Well, we are all customers, and we relate to the challenges that everyone faces in today’s world.

It’s easy saying we do things well, but the voice of the customer is what matters. We encourage our customers to feedback on their experience. We don’t assume we are doing things right, we shape how we do things with the help of our customers, tailoring services to help make sure the customer journey is the best it can be. Working with clients, we help shape their products for their customers, by providing valuable customer insight.

Empathy and Communication

Can anyone deliver great customer service? The answer is simply no. Customer Service is not just a skill, its something you can’t always teach, it’s that special ingredient.

Great Customer Service delivers empathy naturally, not forced. At Wavecrest we care about our customers and our empathy is natural, we just want to help, it’s in our nature.

Getting the tone right is what separates us from other providers. We don’t judge, don’t make assumptions, and treat everyone with respect. I’m sure we’ve all been told “to get respect, show respect”, and that’s what we do. We treat our customers like people.

Responsiveness and Follow-up

Have you ever been promised a call back that never happened, and you had to eventually chase or just give up? We all have at some point, which is why at Wavecrest we make sure our customers are kept up to date throughout their journey with us.

We make it easy for our team to do this by giving them the right tools and systems. It sounds easy because it should be!

If we can’t fix it straight away, we’ll manage expectations. If we have no update, we’ll call to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you. Our customers are our family, so we look after them.

Sometimes we do get things wrong though, and we would rather just own up to our mistakes quickly and be honest with our customers. We hold our hands up and work with you to get a resolution that goes above and beyond. We are not afraid of saying sorry.

Problem-solving and Going Above and Beyond

Computer say’s no!” Not at Wavecrest. We don’t tie our Customer Support up in red tape. The most important tool we provide our Team’s with, is trust. We trust they will make the right decision, and if they don’t, we trust they will learn from any mistakes.

No handing off, no passing the buck. Our team take full ownership of a customer enquiry. It’s a cliché, but your customers are our customers, and we hold their hand from start to finish, ensuring that we build customer loyalty and retention.

We trust our team to surpass customer expectations. Why? Customer Service is simple, it should be fun. Fun for the client, fun for the customer, and fun for our colleagues. Aim to make the customer experience an enjoyable one for everyone, and it usually never fails.


Customer’s, regardless of if it’s the provider or end user, will always need support, they will always need help. Customer Service is that support, it is that help, and it’s the difference between retaining or losing a customer.

We want our customers to fall back in love with Customer Service, talk about their experience of speaking to us, working with us, and use our Customer Service as their benchmark.

A Customer Service experience is not just something you have to have, it’s s a service that when done right, can positively impact people, and make a difference. At Wavecrest, we just do Customer Service right!

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