The Increasing Challenges of Managing International Voice

Voice remains a service that the world relies on. However, the challenges facing those managing voice services are growing. Costs and overheads have risen whilst the margins have reduced due to competition from free calling services. Increasingly complex surcharging and tariff structures around the globe create more opportunities for errors. Fraud presents an ongoing risk, with the possibility of huge financial and reputational damage. These factors create a perfect storm of challenges for both those entering the voice market and those with an existing voice business.

A dedicated partner

Wavecrest understands how all these issues affect our partners, including MNO, OTT & CPaaS organisations. We’ve over 20 years’ experience as voice specialists, allowing us to build global relationships, infrastructure and systems. Our managed voice service delivers a premium voice operation that alleviates the risks and costs of self-management, and provides the flexibility to meet our partners’ bespoke needs.

Every call counts

The truly global reach of Wavecrest means we offer a service that seamlessly connects across the world. Our experienced team has built global relationships that give us reach across 200+ countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Not only does this ensure we offer optimum quality for every call, but are always competitive on cost and quick to react to global changes.

Reliability built in

As margins within voice tighten, budgets and resources often follow. This can create greater risk of a reduction in quality, with issues going unnoticed. The systems and processes Wavecrest has in place ensures strict quality thresholds are consistently met. Dedicated teams, reporting and alerts prevent issues being overlooked, upholding our rigorous quality standards and preventing loss of business revenue and reputation.

Managing risk and fraud

One of the greatest concerns for those managing voice can be the risks of error and fraud. With increasingly complex tariff structures across multiple networks and countries, making a costly mistake is easier than ever before. Wavecrest has the systems and teams in place to avoid these pitfalls. Tackling fraud is also an ongoing challenge. Wavecrest has a dedicated fraud team to stay one step ahead, mitigating risk to our partners.

Tailored reporting

Every Wavecrest client enjoys a bespoke reporting package that focuses on the key needs of their business to enable them to grow. In the case of an OTT operator, for instance, we can assist by delivering reports on VIP customers, better understanding user habits, or gaining data for effective marketing campaigns"

Do what you do best

Partnering with Wavecrest frees up organisations to focus on growth and development. Our years of experience and expertise ensure we have the systems, processes and relationships in place to manage our clients’ voice services efficiently and effectively. The solution we offer is tailored to client needs, with the flexibility to scale. As risk, costs and complexity increases, Wavecrest handles all the challenges of voice management, ensuring our clients can focus on the rest of their business.

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