Combating the Evolving Landscape of SMS Fraud: The Importance of Data Analytics and a Dedicated Human Touch


The rapid growth in mobile messaging, especially SMS, as a primary communication channel has led to increased opportunities for fraudulent activities. These threats, which include smishing attacks, unauthorized access, spam messages, and SMS Revenue Share Fraud, pose significant financial and reputational risks to individuals and organizations alike. This article will discuss the importance of data analytics and the added value of a dedicated human fraud management team in effectively combating the evolving landscape of SMS fraud.

The Evolving Landscape of SMS Fraud:

As cybercriminals continue to devise new tactics and exploit vulnerabilities, it's crucial for businesses to stay vigilant and adopt robust security measures to protect their customers and their brand. SMS fraud can result in substantial revenue losses for mobile network operators and lead to a poor customer experience for subscribers who receive spam or unsolicited messages.

The Role of Data Analytics in Fraud Prevention:

Data analytics plays a crucial role in detecting and preventing SMS fraud. By analysing SMS traffic patterns and identifying unusual spikes or inconsistencies, mobile network operators can quickly detect potentially fraudulent activities. Advanced data analytics tools can also help operators identify trends and patterns associated with known fraudsters, enabling them to proactively block suspicious numbers or routes.

The Human Touch: Wavecrest's Dedicated Fraud Management Team:

While data analytics is an essential component of effective fraud management, it is not sufficient on its own. Wavecrest's dedicated 24/7 Fraud Management Team has been handling SMS in our apps for over 10 years, enhancing the power of data-driven analysis with their expertise and experience.

They keep up to date with the latest trends and understand how fraudsters can benefit from different opportunities. By anticipating what fraudsters might try, our team can identify and block fraudulent activities more rapidly than relying solely on AI-based systems. The human element complements the data-driven approach, providing a more robust and comprehensive defence against the evolving landscape of SMS fraud.


The ever-evolving landscape of SMS fraud poses a significant challenge for mobile network operators, but it can be effectively managed with the right combination of data analytics and dedicated human expertise. By leveraging advanced data analytics tools and employing an experienced Fraud Management Team like Wavecrest's, operators can protect their customers, their revenue, and their brand from the threats posed by SMS fraud.

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